The Society for recording and processing of picture and sound (Spolecnost pro zaznam a zpracovani obrazu a zvuku) was established to represent film making activities of two enthusiasts, amateurs, with the ambitions of professionals: Mr. Marek Fiser and Mr. Petr John (hereinafter referred to as M.F. and P.J.)

In other words to have a company logo to show before initial and after final titles of our first live-action movie Witches Abroad whose screenplay was based on a book of Terry Pratchett. The movie was shot during last summer vacations with a Panasonic VHS-C camera, digitized with Matrox Rainbow Runner, and edited during nights on a Pentium based PC computer. Actors were kids from Hustopece nad Becvou and our friends who were also helping a bunch. Everything for the first time in our lives. That's why we would like to ask you for a lot of patience when reading about this movie and especially when viewing this piece of art itself.

Acouple of observations and well-meant advises for beginning movie makers. Our findings may appear way too obvious, but those are exactly the things that a person with no experience with organizing a movie production never thinks about.

  1. Have a good idea about planned method of editing, inserting tricks and further processing of the film material before you start filming.
  2. Dialogs copied from book won't make the script.
  3. Find scene locations as close as possible to where the teammembers live.
  4. Try to use as few actors as it takes to make the movie.
  5. Don't use kids for actors, especially not adolescents. And never ever use larger number of those.
  6. Do not shoot night scenes at night. It's dark at night.
  7. What you don't shoot, can never be edited.

It was not at all easy to find a good name and logo for our assembly. When we finally agreed upon the name of "The society for recording and processing of picture and sound (Spolecnost pro zaznam a zpracovani obrazu a zvuku)" we naturally started looking for some sort of abbreviation. Beginning with SZZOZ and similar monsters we landed at plain and simple OZ = Obraz a Zvuk (Picture and Sound). It was not before sometime later when we realized strong although unintentional similarity with the name of certain vegetable trading cooperative (Ovoce a Zelenina = Fruits and Vegetables) which is no longer around and also no longer existing Odevni Zavody (Clothes Works).

OZ Ovoce - Zelenina Odevni Zavody

Later we will show here various pictures from the movie production and samples of other movies and many many more interesting items. Also something about our new projects. But not before we have time for that, which means after all work is done ...